Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easy Running

I've gone on a number of short runs in the past week, including a great 4.5 miles today. Every day it gets a little easier, and I feel a little stronger. Don't get me wrong--I still take a break every so often, but those breaks are becoming more few and far between. My pace is improving (meaning it now outpaces a snail, though is at least getting closer to my standard mediocre pre-baby pace). I can feel the strength of my arms, chest, and legs, and the smoothing out of my gait and pace. My lungs are gasping less and easing closer toward the smooth, rhythmic in and out that all runners know so well...and I can't say that it feels like anything less than fantastic.

Today's mileage was two loops of Fresh Pond with Copley, while Jared and Eden walked a loop. We had dropped off my beloved's car at the nearby Honda dealership for a routine service, and it seemed like a great idea to cross the street to loop around the pond (I can't take credit for it; the idea was all Jared's).

It was a perfect day for running--cool at around 55 degrees or so, with a hint of rain laying in the air, but holding off for we fleet of foot. The breeze was light and refreshing, making it the perfect weather for shorts and long sleeves for the first mile, short sleeves for the rest. This is my ideal clime for running--warm enough for the body to reach and maintain an elevated temperature, but shady and cool enough to ease through any miles without feeling the strain that only heat and sun can bring on.

There's little enough to say about this run, other than that is was exceptionally good. For the first time since getting pregnant last June, I began to again feel like a runner, like my legs, arms, heart, and lungs were working in harmony, and that my body and mind were strong and united in what they both wanted to do and were capable of doing.

As the runners among you will know, there's nothing so intoxicating.

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