Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three in the (Admittedly Small) Bag

At long last, I'm able to get back to running, albeit not quickly or well. Since last Friday, I've gone on three runs--each of about 2 miles, with jags of running followed by jags of walking, then running, then walking...and so on. I'm certainly not up to just plain running yet. I've decided to consider it a fartlek, or interval run--as if I were training for something rather than getting my pitifully out-of-shape self back into at least decent running condition.

My better half and I have entered a 5K for May 7th, no less. He'll be walking with Eden in a Baby Bjorn, and I'll (ostensibly) be running, though again, in a drunken stuttering, start-stop manner. Ah well. It's still bliss!

Monday, April 11, 2011

All Aquiver with Anticipation

It's a good day. Temperatures reached into the 70s, the sun made an appearance after all, and I was able to go for a (short) walk with the newly expanded family.

Eden, who joined us on March 16 (see her with my better half at right), traveled á la the über-stylish (and über-Swedish) Baby Bjorn. After only a short jaunt, she verbalized her displeasure with the Swedes and their contraption, necessitating a quick about-face back to the car to change a diaper laden with all kinds of horrible gifts.

Which is OK. Because, honestly, yesterday's 3-mile walk around the Wellesley campus wore me out. And my beloved can and does manage to get better and better every day--this time by stopping to pick up one of my favorite seasonal beers on the way home--Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. (It tastes like sunshine in a bottle!)

Sadly, I'm not back to running yet. The good news is, though, that I'm healing from my labor/delivery very well, and should be able to soon. My better half and I have gone on several walks, most of which Eden was happy to join us for (in the aforementioned Bjorn). I've also started to do some (very light) strength training in the comfort of my living room.

Today's fine weather and admittedly somewhat aborted walk brought with it the heady smell of...anticipation. (Or was it body odor? These days it often takes longer for me to make it to the matter.)

It will at last be weeks, not months, before I'm back on the roads, even if it's a slow process. (Can stopping every block to gasp for air accurately considered "interval training" or "fartleks"? I say "Yes.")

In the meantime, here's a picture from one of our recent walks--this one at the Fells.