Saturday, January 16, 2010

River Travels with B

Last night I was happy to log a few miles along the Charles with this year's favorite marathoner, the always charming and lovely B.

I've been trying to keep myself in the running habit, despite passing on this year's Boston Marathon with the DFMC crew. Though I'm not running with Dana-Farber this year, it's important to me (and to my beloved) to remain involved with this wonderful charity. It was to that end that we found ourselves standing outside for a few hours last weekend, bundled to the nines, pouring water and gatorade and trying to keep it from freezing before the runners got there. Let me tell you, though, that standing outside for a few measly hours in freezing temperatures is nothing compared to what the runners themselves are doing--both running a marathon, and raising necessary funds for cancer research and care. It's not easy, but they are doing it. And trust me--I know!

The course was an out-and-back, as usual, so Jared and I were lucky enough to see familiar and friendly faces twice. On the way back, B mentioned she was looking for some company for a 4-5 mile recovery run on Friday night--and I was only to happy to oblige.

Since I was hoping to log some longer miles this weekend, I decided to just tweak my running plan a bit--so I ran a mile and a half to meet B at the Mass Ave bridge first. Then the two of us enjoyed 5 chatty miles along the river and its bridges, filled with talk of running, training, weddings, dogs, and crockpot cookin'. It was lovely:)

After, I headed back toward the gym near the Longfellow, looping past it to the Museum of Science and back, logging a relatively comfortable 8.34 miles. I admit my course was a it was a well-enjoyed one, filled with good thoughts, good company, and later, followed by good Mexican food with my better half.

Next up--a review of what might have been the greatest trail "race" I've ever been to...the Fast Ass 50(k).