Sunday, April 18, 2010

Running for a Cause

Though I haven't been running any marathon distances with teammates of old, this year I am particularly thankful for their efforts, and I am lucky, and happy, to know that of the miles I've run this spring, the majority of them have been joyful ones--ones that I've been lucky enough to count my blessings as opposed to chasing any demons. Its been a hectic spring, but a wonderful run, as RunBoston has picked up for Jared and I, the wedding is next week, and we've put an offer in on a house.

But with the Boston Marathon tomorrow, runners have been pouring into town by the thousands, reminding me of the many miles I've been privileged to spend with the Dana Farber team. And while I won't be physically there with those runners tomorrow, I'll be there in spirit. Running with them has been a gift in my life, and has changed me for the better--immeasurably so. It is astonishing what people can achieve when united around a common goal--and nowhere has that been more apparent to me than when being around the people of Dana Farber.

I've been involved with the marathon challenge crew through three seasons now, and my respect and affection for that group has grown exponentially. They are a group filled with novices, with experts, with slow and the fast runners, and young and old. But they are, all of them, philanthropists, filled with a hope that is overflowing in its scope.

It is impossible to be around this organization without feeling impassioned by their cause--a cure for cancer--and want to join it. There's is a common cause, one that would touch us all in the best of ways.

Right now, the runners of the Dana Farber marathon challenge will have finished their pasta, will have watched a slideshow of the children lost to cancer in the past year, will have gazed longingly at the cookies they know they probably shouldn't have the night before a marathon, and will likely be on the way home, for a good night's rest and to gear up for their race tomorrow. Together, they will have already raised more than $3 million for cancer research and care, and will be on the way to $4 million.

They are remarkable, and they, the organizers, the trainers, the volunteers, and the runners I know and have yet to meet, will achieve something remarkable tomorrow--they will instill hope in the hearts of thousands through their sacrifice and their efforts.

So to all of you running on Monday, for whatever cause you've chosen, whether it's for cancer research and care, or another worthy cause--remember that you are doing a good thing, a strong and good thing, and that every step you take is one of hope, and one of caring, of doing something greater than yourself.

So enjoy the miles!